Road of roses and wine



Road of roses and wine

Magical blend of culture, oenology and natural beauties being woven into one story with the greatest experiences and pleasures – this is what you can expect when visiting the Road of roses and wine.

It begins in the centre of Pleternica, and its entire length of 3,5 km leads you through a breathtaking vineyard landscape with plenty of rich grape vines producing the finest drops of wine such as Graševina, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Beautiful roses of all colors peep among the juiciest grapes. This mixture is of a priceless significance for winemakers. Namely, roses are indicators of diseases which threaten the grape vine. On the very top of this road on the hill Starac, which is at an altitude of 347 m, there is a small chapel of St. Peter, a place of prayer and peace, with a magnificent view of plains and forests of Pleternica.

The best time for visiting the Road of roses and wine Spring - when the vine grows its shoots, summer- when the roses are in their most luxurious bloom, autumn- when the grapes look like golden ducats or winter- when the white blanket of snow gives a special charm to the hills of Pleternica.

How to visit the Road of roses and wine You can walk there, cycle, travel by car, bus or a special bus called Brzi Vinko, and carriages by prior arrangement. Here you can taste the exquisite wines of Markota Winery, refresh yourself, relax, have lunch or simply enjoy in the endless landscape.

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